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Welcome to drakebriscoe.com - Here you will find a gallery of paintings by the British artist Mark Briscoe, renowned for his works in tempera and oil, Indian painting and Chinese decorated lacquer. his current paintings are a culmination of experience working in these different artistic expressions. The gracefully flowing line that runs through his compositions are drawn from his knowledge of Indian miniature painting that he studied under the master artist Ram Krishna Sharma in Udaipur India. His knowledge of decorative chinoiserie furniture and the painting techniques used by the old master artists has paved way to a method that combines a charming mix of classic technique with some modern expressionism and a little folk influence, work which defies easy categorization. His paintings are on view at several art galleries in the USA (See Landscape Gallery) Subjects include flower paintings, still life compositions, paintings of animals and portraits. In some of his more unusual compositions he introduces whimsical twists on proportions, scale and perspective, all with an elevating and explosive impasto brush technique that is more than just a mere application of thick paint. Close-up details of his work can be seen in the landscape gallery that try to convey the attractive richness of his paintings' surface. There are also two galleries of his previous works with decorative furniture and classical Indian paintings.

Mark uses the versatile and classic painting medium of egg tempera with oil, a highly durable paint emulsion that has been used by artists for well over a 1000 years. Artists that include: Leonardo de Vinci, William Blake, Sandro Botticelli, Otto Dix and Andrew Wyeth to name just a few. Please click on the image below to view a selection of Mark Briscoe's current paintings.

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I am a full time artist originally from the U.K. I moved out to Spain a few years ago to escape the well known English weather. For many years I worked in the field of Chinoiserie furniture decoration (furniture decorated in the Chinese manner) restoration of antique lacquer and Indian paintings. In more recent years I have been concentrating on fine art compositions on panels using a combination of oil and egg tempera.
Tempera - when combined with oils - is a wonderful and durable paint medium, and through exhaustive studio experimentation I have found it to be the most versatile and enjoyable of mediums. I am very much of the school of thought as was Tom Keating that most of the old masters (including many 19th century masters) used egg tempera/oil emulsions in their paintings a lot more than is given credit for. It is the perfect medium for impasto brush work and has the added bonus of being compatible with straight oil paint which adheres well to its surface.

The color pigments which I buy from L. Cornelissen in London are of the finest grade and completely light-fast/ permanent: They will not fade. My works are mostly landscapes, botanical studies, portraits and still life compositions. some quite traditional like a vase of flowers painting, a dramatic landscape, a classic portrait, or a still life with fruit, and some others are a little more unusual or surreal, where I bring together elements from a landscape like a grazing sheep with trees and bushes and put them into a still life setting with a flower vase and bowl of fruit. In many of my paintings I use a fairly bold quivering line that reminds us of the works of Van Gogh although my technique is fundamentally different to his.

Among my favorite well known artists are Peter Paul Rubens, François Boucher, J.M.W. Turner, and Claude Lorrain. More recent artists include: Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet.

I hope you enjoy the pages of this website and please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries. Directly below is a link to a wonderful meditation practice called Sahaja Yoga.


"why is the modern day artist always required to explain everything about his work? Certainly a work of art involving several old car tyres strung to a ceiling with mouldy baked bean cans attached would require some sort of explanation. But since when did aesthetics take a back seat in painting, good old fashioned beauty, Many of todays modern 'art works' will surely one day be returned from whence they came; namely, the scrap heap" - Mark Drake-Briscoe


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